1. We will INSPIRE every child: 


- To develop a life-long love of learning, through providing an exciting, ever-evolving curriculum which meets their needs and interests.

- Through the provision of a welcoming and positive school environment which is conducive to high quality learning.


2. We will CHALLENGE every child:


- By encouraging an active, inquisitive approach to learning.

- To open their minds and value the thoughts and opinions of others.

- To develop their independence, innovation and individuality

- By encouraging all pupils to have high aspirations and enabling them to believe in their abilities and talents and to believe that anything is possible.


3. We will unlock POTENTIAL: 


- By ensuring that all pupils are both supported and challenged in their learning, with work being provided that enables them to make good progress.

- By creating an environment where the skills of every child are allowed to flourish and successes in all areas are celebrated with vigour.


4. We will make learning FUN: 


- To ensure that pupils become independent, confident learners, unafraid of making mistakes.

- To enable pupils to explore and be imaginative, creative thinkers


5. We will be SUPPORTIVE:


- By caring for and nurturing each individual child, so that they become reflective, thoughtful and respectful citizens.

- Through working in close partnership with parents and carers, helping them to understand the ways in which they can help their children to develop.

- By modeling desirable behaviour, conduct and personal presentation at all times and demonstrating a positive approach towards learning and each other.


6. We will be a learning COMMUNITY: 


- By helping children to recognise and value the school, both as a community, and as part of a larger community.

- For pupils to understand the diversity, social and cultural richness of communities on both local and global levels.

- Where every member of our school community is proud to be associated with it.

Breakfast Club 


A breakfast club service is available from 8am until the start of the school day.  The staff supervise the children and provide activities for them to complete/play with and breakfast is served at approx 8.30am. The children have a variety of cereal, toast, bacon, eggs, croissants etc. The charge for attending the breakfast club is £4 and £3 per sibling thereafter. We do offer an “early bird” session that runs from 7.45am at an extra cost of £2.


After School Club 


The club runs from the end of school at 3.15pm until 5.45pm. The children are provided with lots of stimulating activities involving art, cooking, games and puzzles, using the wii, sports activities and lots more. They also have a small, healthy tea at approx 5pm e.g. pasta and garlic bread. The charge for attending After Hours Club is £7 and £6 per sibling thereafter.

If any parents are interested in putting their child's name down for either club then they need to register their child. There is a £15 registration fee. Please see Mrs Thompson in the school office who can provide more information.



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