• Treat each other with respect

• Look after all the things and

       people in our school

• Be polite to everyone

• Move quietly & gently around


• Have fun & be the best you can be

• Everyone has the right to learn;

       never stop someone else from





At Coates Lane we aim to foster all relationships within a positive atmosphere of acceptance, care and respect for all members of the school community.


The school uses ASSERTIVE DISCIPLINE TECHNIQUES to promote good behaviour in school.


All staff members are to be fair and consistent with rewards and consequences. They exercise complete forgiveness at all times. Once dealt with, consider a situation finished. Teachers ensure that the child is aware that it is the inappropriate behaviour that is unacceptable and not the child.




Planet Points

Golden Book

Achiever of the Week

Achiever of the Term

Treat for the Term

High 5s

Postcards home

Headteacher Award

Golden Time


1. Everyone starts on GREEN

2. First warning – Move to amber

3. Second warning – Move to red

4. Yellow Card – miss 10 minutes of Golden Time

5. Final/Last Warning

6. Red Card – Miss at least 20minutes of Golden Time. This will be decided by the

       teacher and Mrs White. Parents must be informed by letter that their child has

       received a red card.

7. X3 Red cards in a week results in an after school detention.

8. More than 3 detentions in 1 term results in a fixed term exclusion.


Sometimes it may be necessary to give a ‘straight red card’. Examples of unacceptable behaviour that results in this include:


• Being rude or back chatting a staff member

• Spitting

• Physically hurting someone else



Wrong password.