Coates Lane Primary School follows Lancashire County Council’s Policy for educational visits. We visit places of interest, concerts, museums and theatres to enrich the work the children are doing in class. Visits usually take place in school hours. Parents are invited to contribute to the cost of the visit and a letter is always sent home giving full details of the proposed visit.

Trips have included:

• Thornton Hall Farm

• Rolls Royce

• Morrisons Supermarket in Skipton

• Blackpool Zoo

• Eureka

• Clitheroe Castle

• Skipton Castle

• Brungerly Park

• Museum of Science and Industry

• Pantomines

• Global Renewables

• Space Centre

Year 5 children will usually have the opportunity to take part in a residential visit during the summer term and the Year 6 children usually visit London during July. These visits provide the children with the unique experience of living together away from home and of experiencing new and exciting activities.

We do ask for a contribution from all parents for these trips and visits. Every attempt is made to keep all costs to a minimum. We will not exclude children whose parents are unable to fund the contribution and we make every effort to help in cases of hardship or difficulties. Please contact the Headteacher in such cases. If insufficient contributions are received then it may be necessary to cancel the visit.




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