This year we are using Purple Mash more and more to help us to engage and educate the children in so many different ways. Purple Mash is proving to be a really powerful tool in the delivery of the coding element of the computing curriculum; it is both accessible and yet challenging for children.

Teachers love using Purple Mash as it enables even those who are not so confident with the more complex areas of the computing curriculum to teach with confidence and the children love it as they are able to be creative and to have lots of fun whilst learning.

Follow this link to access our own area of the Purple Mash site and have a look around for yourself.


Fennella in Year 5 has used her growing knowledge of computing with her passion for Harry Potter to create this excellent online 3D game - click here to follow the link and play for yourself.

Avoid Voldemort and Malfoy and try to get to Harry and his friends.




Wrong password.